Wednesday, August 16, 2006

*Date Line Scams*

Be very aware of these types of scammers. We all have heard of the buy get rich
scams, and the scams that I will send cashier check or money order for over the
amount and give rest of the amount to the shipper, but this one is very new to
their types of scams. They set themselves up on some dating service online and
you scroll thru them and find the one you like and contact them. OR you have
your information on there and they contact you. Once they have established a
contact with you by email, they talk you into talking to them via instant
messages (IM). Well the first times of talking in your IM is introducing
themselves. Seems innocent enough. (But no one ever thinks to save all info to
archives or anything.) Next thing happens is the person thinks they are in love
with you. And tries to convince you are in love with them as well. Then there is
some relative that is sick and needs some medical attention and they are in a
bad way of money. Now they didn?t ask you out right but wonders if there is any
way that you can help them. (Very old scam before Internet). Now that this has
passed and things seem to be getting better for the relative it gets more
intense with the ?I Love You?s?. Now they talk of how wonderful it would be if
you and them was to get married and that you are the perfect match for them.
They talk of moving to where ever you are or in that area. They talk of getting
a job in your area and will help with bills until you both are married. Then out
of the blue the have something that was left to them by a passing of a relative
but will need some kind of document to get it to the point they can turn it over
to cash and that you will live happily ever after. Now they are looking for
money from you that is way out there. Not just a few hundreds of dollars but
lots more. By now you are feeling comfortable with them and them with you and
you start giving out information about your worth or your job or how much money
you make. Now they ask for a specific amount and need it right away to start a
new life with you. Who would ever expect this to happen to them?

Also most times these people come from another country and do not have proper
English. Now that doesn?t mean they are right here in the states or not. But
most times its coming from Nigeria or near there. Such, as Ghana Africa as well.

I write this cause all this came about for my son. When he realized what I was
saying about things he finally woke up that it was all a scam. It was hard for
him to call it off, but he did.

What really has irritated me is that I looked all over different places on the
net about this type of scam and none of them has a site for this type of
scammer. But what I did find out is that you have to have plenty of
documentation for any kind of law enforcement to act on it. Even though you can
save your IM?s doesn?t mean you cant alter them to suit yourself and will be
questioned every time. So all I want to do right now is get this message out to
everyone and please, please be very aware of whom you give out your information to.

Don?t take love for granted until you have met them and know them very, very
well. Love does not happen over night by online talking. It takes time to get to
know a person that you are talking to online. Get to know them and decide of a
halfway point and go meet them. Then if all goes well after several encounters
with the person them, then take it to the next level. No one knows each other
until they have talked for months, even years online. There is nothing wrong in
talking about yourself online as long as you don?t give out financial stability.
And above all do not give personal information, like your social security
number, or where your job is located or how much you make per hour, per month,
or year. Above all, get to know whom you are talking to first. Get very
acquainted with them first.

Online love takes time and lots of encounters with each other to know if you
both are suited for each other. Love is a very precious thing and must be
treated as so. To many now days take it for granted and walk all over it. Just
plan take your time if you are going to do online dating. Everyone has someone
out there waiting for him or her. We all need someone to love and to love us
back. Make sure that your compatible and at least have some things in common
with each other.

Thank you for reading this article. By all means and with my permission, copy
this and send to your friends that may find themselves in such a dilemma.

Sys Over Rider


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