Friday, April 07, 2006

Electronic, Technology, and Hackers....put together make a wonderful open source of information for all.

Electronics are everywhere. And everywhere you look you see technology. Technology drives pretty much everything now days. ?Hackers? can show you how to take advantage of these electronic devices. Show you how to make them faster, give them added features, or make them do things that was never thought of before.

We are not ?crackers?! We just simply are hackers of an inquisitive nature. We learn how things work only and then simply try to make them better than they are. This is what makes us ?hackers? and not ?crackers?. ?Crackers? are people that simply want to see what destruction they can cause for other people. They are the ones that give us the bad name. ?Hackers? do not support unauthorized access into systems, emails or anything of that sort. ?Hackers? are simply known for what they can do with things and make them better for all to enjoy.

So please do not contact me for information of these sort of things. But if you are looking to find out what makes something tick; then yes contact me and lets work together on it.

I also believe in open sources. This is to share all I know with those that want to know. And if you have things of this sort, please share with us as well. The more we all know together the more we all gain of its nature. The world is full of open resources if we all just knew where to


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