Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bring back the CB?s?

By Sys Over Rider

Well it used to be my biggest hobby sitting on a CB and talk for hours on end to people all around the world.

CB?s became a fade of the 70?s when all the highways were lowered to 55 mph. They were used mostly for over the road and avoiding speed traps. Then later it became a fade that some had to have them in the homes too.

A lot of the younger generations don?t know much about them. Cell phones took over where the CB?s left off. You will still find many truckers using them to this day.

CB?s were found in most cars and trucks and all kinds of businesses. The cost of a CB could vary depending on what u wanted it to do for you. CB?s was the way to avoid phone bills. Businesses used them to keep in contact with managers, employees and much more. To this very day my vet uses it as many farmers can?t get cell phones to work in many dead spots that still do exist. It?s nothing to run back to the truck or a base station and call for help and get it faster sometimes than running around trying to get a line thru to them.

I am writing this to open back up some old memories and to help others gain the best out of a CB vs. cell phones. The things a CB can do for u are much more than just chat with. In businesses and farming communities these things are still a way to help or to get a message to someone.

There is a wide variety of different kinds of CB radios and antennas. And if any of you have owned one you know what I?m talking about. But the end results are you got to someone that would pass on the message and/or get help to you.

Personally I would rely on a CB before I would a cell phone but then again I live in a wooded area and dead spots all around me. I know there are some of you in the same shape.

I will be going over things as how to peak out your radio for max output and how about those more quiet channels called upper and lower side bands? Oh yes we will discuss those too. Would you like to know more about extra channels as well? That only the 10-meter bands have access to? Yes you can have them added to your CB as well. But most of what I tell you is at your own risk that you do any of them. Some of what you can do to a CB is not up to FCC codes. We will be discussing different types of antennas as well.

Is it worth your interests to go any further? Please let us know. Would like all input on your ideas and experiences. So join me in this wide endeavor.


Blogger Beth said...

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, i really appreciate it! (no one ever leaves comments, haha).

on the issue of's a concept i don't agree with at all. it upsets me that there are people who dislike/hate another individual for their race, religion, sex, or socioeconomic factor. in my commentary i was merely trying to convey that we should love one another, regardless of our differences.

4:33 PM, May 28, 2006  
Blogger geovolt said...

An thank you for leaving one on mine. An sadly to say its a concept thats ingrain into use in one way or another. We as a people could come togather we could make some huge changes for the better, but the keep part is coming togather to try and work together.

3:52 AM, October 10, 2006  

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