Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Why Linux

Part II

Welcome back to more about Linux.

Sometimes some companies will phase out the older distributions and the newer ones will not operate on older hardware. But if you do some looking around you can sometimes find the older distributions. Start looking in www.linuxiso.org. It?s a good place to start from. You can also go to www.linuxquestions and someone may even be able to point you to what you are looking for or even point you to a different operating system (os).

Now what is a partition in Linux? Basically a linux partition is part of a file system. Like the super user account (root, rt) and user accounts, this is where that info will be going. A home account is like (your name here) account and files and so on go here. Administrator, super user and root accounts are one in the same. Anyone else is like a sub-user type account. Such as another member of your family or friend. If you know anything at all about windows os then you know that you can set up other users to your system but are not of the administrator level. Well Linux has this type of feature as well. When installing a program you need the root password to make this program run. Thus you have security and only you can say when this program is able to run cause only you have the password to it.

A good idea is to establish a user account for yourself as well even though you may be the root to your system. Say you wanted to install a game?. you would need the root password to let it install on your system. Most program just need it during the install process, but some require the root pass every time but that is rare with some distributions.

Well I hope this sheds more light on Linux for you. We welcome all ideas and information to this subject. So don?t hesitate to reply. And also if you have other ideas to what you would like to see here, please share or ask. We are here to help in your research and any ideas you would like to see.

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