Sunday, January 01, 2006

Laptops and Privacy

By Sheri Robinson

I got to wondering about laptops and the privacy you get with them when you are a frequent flier on trains, planes, and buses.

What makes you think that the the person you are setting next to is not some kind of a scam artist and reading what you are reading on your laptop?

When your reading your emails or doing your banking or maybe some kind of business that needs your attention.....these folks can get this very same information from you and use it to their advantage. When your in a crowded area and woking on your laptop, you have just exposed all of you to the ones around you.

If your reading your email....others now have those folks on your email's address now too.

What about doing your banking....did you know there are specialists that can figure out what you key in for your password? And what about seeing how much money you have in your bank account? Definitely things to think about when your in a crowd with your laptop.

There is no real privacy with a laptop if you are going to do some kind of work on it in a crowded area. Stop and think about it. If you are going to work in a public area on your laptop, expect reprocussions to your actions. You could be giving away valueable information without even knowing it.

The sure thing if u must open your laptop to do something is play a game or something boring to others but not to you. But not emails, work notes or things of private nature.

The next time you are out and about look around you and see how many people are using laptops for business in public areas and then think of this. Be polite and walk up to them and let them know that someone could be watching them and gain valueable information unless they are playing a game.

Remember the old scam of people watching others using phone cards to make a phone call? Well its the same thing just more imagination to get what they want from your working in a public area.

Dont get me wrong, laptops have their place in society. They were designed to carry like a briefcase to go from point a to point b with less hassles. If you were a boss of a company would you approve of the practice of doing your work at lunch in a busy mall while you had a bite to eat where others can see what is going on? I Really Dont Think So!!! So stop and think before you open up that laptop to work on something...instead play a game on it at those will keep and reading emails will wait and only do your banking at home or at the bank

One again Sheri thanks for the artical, I think it was vary enlightening. Thanks for your artical, Jason/Geovolt


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