Tuesday, January 31, 2006

How Do I know This Hard Drive Is What I Need?

I had a conversation with our very own techie Jason about hard drives and was very enlightened. Here is our conversation:

Sheri: If you had to say? What is the most important part of the hardware?

Jason: Well I would say there is just two particular pieces of hardware. Power supply and hard drive. Because some hardware you can do without depending on what you want it to do

Sheri: There is a lot of different kinds of hard drives out there. What makes one better than the other?

Jason: SCSI hard drives are fast, but EIDE hard drives are slowly catching up, but SCSI don't have much hard drive space.

Sheri: What's the difference in SCSI and EIDE? What are they?

Jason: They are pretty much the same except for the connection, speed and space. Well one thing I recommend is calling around at stores and if you got any friends that know some about computers, ask them. Plus having a good idea on what you want from your computer will help out a lot.

So, friends do your homework and get answers to your questions before making that major purchase. If all else fails reply here to Jason and I am sure he will have an answer to your question(s) to help you make the right decision.


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