Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Best For Your Money

I asked some questions to our techie, Jason, again about purchases we make either for hardware or a computer. Here is what he had to say:

Sheri: There are a lot of wannabes out there and some that are true to know what they are talking about?.How can one know they are talking to a person that knows what they are talking about?

Jason: Well sometimes that can be easier said than done. One thing I do is try to find some people that has gotten help from that person or company. One thing you want to find is someone that doesn?t have a biased opinion for anything. Now there is nothing wrong with a personal opinion, but remember that if you have an idea of what you want on your computer, you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

Sheri: How does one go about figuring out what they want for their computer? Is this in what you will be using it for? And what if your not sure what you will be using it for at the time you need to go purchase a piece of hardware or a computer? Does this mean to go out and get the most for your money then?

Jason: Yes! Because if you spend money on something you want and need, then you don?t get it, you just wasted your money. Like for me, I am going to try and find a 64 bit AMD (chip set maker) CPU, for a desktop and I am going to find a copy of linux that can run on it. But someone may need an Intel CPU with HT (hyper threading) on it to run windows. Something I also recommend is if you go to a store, Look around first at some of the different products and read them to help you along in your selection and look up reviews as well. Even go to the company website and see what they got for starters.

Sheri: Ok What is AMD? And HT?

Jason: AMD is a chip set maker, they are known for having a killer CPU and at a decent price and Intel makes HT, is short for hyper threading.

Sheri: What is a chip set maker?

Jason: Like CPUs and so on.

Sheri: What is hyper threading?

Jason: Basically its one CPU that works as 2

Sheri: So like networking?

Jason: Well its more like having actually 2 CPU?s, but actually you only have 1 CPU. Like one half of the CPU will work on downloading emails and the other half doing IM?s. Personally Intel?s with HT, make great server CPU?s. But for home computering AMD 64 bit CPU?s are good for home too.

Well there you have it another great piece of information from our very own tech, Jason.

Jason continue with all the good information and your kind way of sharing with us all.


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you r awsome and cool and can i play on the computer now???????

your neice,

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