Monday, July 26, 2004

"Unix and Linux Brief History Lesson"
Unix Geeks: Well unless your a hardcore geek, or got a lot of free time on your hands and access to a computer. You may not know a lot about unix, have no fear; because unix is here LOL. Unix started in the 1960's at bell labs, the idea was to make a os that could run on old computers and be reliable, but most noteable for techs, plus system adminstators. Mostly it's been a under ground thiing like with linux. But now its hitting the mainstream hard, esp since mac decided to use it to make there OSX operating system. There are 3 major distros for unix, OpenBSD, FreeBSD (a freebsd variant called Darwin, was used for the mac OSX), and PCBSD. There are other versions out there, but those were voted best of the best. One great thing about Unix and linix as well, is they are both opensource. So that means they release the source code to them, so if you have programming skills; you can program the os to fit your needs. Plus in its self can be a great learning tool... To download a copy go to:

Linux Geeks (Unixs Tag Team Partner LOL): Now to start off, linux is one of my favorite OS's around. I use it when ever I get a chance, or have a say it in. Like unix its super reliable and stable. Linux was by a finlandish version of unix called minux by Linus Torvalds. A legend in his own right, basicly he started out just a obessed computer geek (like me and a few other people I know LOL), Linux and unix got to be staples in the opensource community. Because you get to control and program it to what your needs are. Another good thing about is you can run servers with them. In fact about 50% of the worlds servers, run off linux or unix.
To download a copy go to:

Remote Desktop aka VNC at a Glance: Ok all remote desktop is really importaint for a lot of reasons. One reason is for techs to do remote desktop you can fix software computer problems from any remote location, an for people people that maybe want to share resources from there computer or the companys network, that is possiable too. Mac OSX, WinXP Pro and WinXP Home (or any other older forms of windows or mac os for that fact) you need to download a copy for the right OS. Linux and unix have (or did for awhile) a copy of a remote desktop already install in there OS... But make sure you have the proper security setup on your computer and permission to get onto other peoples networks and computers... Enjoy... One of my favorite copies of vnc is:

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