Tuesday, July 06, 2004

"3 Programing Languages Worth Looking At..."

1. Python:
Not many people know about this coding language, but its slowly gaining accepting with pro's and newbie coders alike. An rightfully so, its a vary powerful language. It's a language that well soon, become in a class by itself. With a lot of documination and help from people, people are sure to catch on to what this language can do. Plus like the other two I am going to mention its free...

2. XML:
Well like java (which will be mentioned next) XML is not only opensource, but in a class that with java. Its a vary strong language in itself, one of the most notiable efferts with coding is with the Jabber Messager (a killer messager). Once someone learns XML, they wont go back on it; it
always makes there way into ther personal arsonal of coding languages (me included).

3. Java:
Oh hail java, ok so maybe that WAS bit excessive but hey, its java LOL. In my mind and the
minds of many others java rules, its been used in almost everything you can imagine, from web
design, security, desktop applications and so much more. This language is such a strong language not many people can do without it (me included). All you need is to have java vertial mechine, to run the java program on your desktop (or laptop what ever the case maybe) and it will run. The saying goes "code once, run always" and its so true. So to get a copy, documination or anything java related to go

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