Thursday, June 10, 2004

Technical Information For CBs - (Citizens Band Radios) by Sheri Robinson

CB are two way radios. To which one person talks and the other listens. Then make a conversation of stop and listen and repeat that process to communicate.

It consists of a CB radio, mic, and an antenna.

In the past the FCC required you to have a license to operate them. Now days this is not necessary no more.

Then CB come in three types of radios, home base station, a mobile station, and hand held. The home base station is not built to travel with. The hand held radios are just that, hand held, like walkie talkies. The mobile units are used in moving vehicles.

FCC has standards for the CBer to follow. But unless complaints are received, rarely interfere. For this organization is now more involved in homeland security. But, if they receive enough complaints, they will intervene and give u at least 3 warnings to adhere to their rules and suggestions to correct the problem.

CB come in AM and FM.

Most AM CB come standard 3.5 watts in power. In the past, they came with 5 watts of power. These can be boosted to the max of 7 watts......not necessarily legal. This type of CB will receive and output approximately 2-30 miles in range.

Most FM CB come standard 15 watts. This type can be boosted to 35 watts........again not necessarily legal either. This type of CB will receive and output approximately 2-150 miles legally.

Antennas come in many types and shapes. They will consist of a coaxial, a coil load and the antenna. these come in different types in wave length. From a full wave to a 5/8 wave to 1/2 wave to 1/4 wave. They vary in size and shapes. Also directional vs. non-directional. You can run as many antennas as u want but seek advice on this cause if u use several different types all at once u can cause more problems than u want.

A full wave equals 432 inches. Some antennas do not need load coils, such as full, 1/2, 1/4 wave antennas. A 5/8 wave antenna will have a load coil. A 5/8 wave antenna can be used in the states but can not be purchased in the states. These are Mexican Antennas and can only be purchased in Mexico. They are built much stronger, but are not legally gotten in the states, but can be used here. For the most part the Mexican Penetrator is the best foreign antenna around.

CBs have been on the decline due to GPS, cell phones, and mobile computers. CBs can still be used in search and rescues, and road conditions, and to learn where the cops ahead are at, so u don't get a ticket. LOL

The next step up from CBs are HAMs. Ham radios are another world and have much higher standards. You must be tested and keep a current license to run a ham radio. You must be sponsored to become a Ham radio operator.

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