Saturday, May 22, 2004

<i><b>3 Websites Everyone Should Know About...</i></b>

3 Web Everyone Should Know About...

When Richard Stallman resigned in 1984 to create a new and free operating system, at the time hardly anyone knew what opensource was. I qoute "if he didn't exsist, he would have to be inventented" Because it is one of the figure heads of the opensource movement

Another leader in opensource programs is "sourceforge dot net", if you haven't heard of this website yet; your honestly missing out. Its a great site with free programs of all operating systems, not just linux.

Ok this isn't a program download site, an if your not a hardcore techie you may not understand a lot thats being said on this site. But this is a site that is worth talking about, with lots of articals in unix, linux and other operating systems. As well as other tech related information. I recommend checking into this website.

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