Monday, December 15, 2003

"Gnome and KDE GUI Projects"

Ok some people know what "GUI" stands for and some don't, while others don't care LOL. Well I am going to be talking about GUI's some and Two of my favorites "Gnome" and "KDE". GUI
stands for Graphical User Interface, basicly instead of a command line setup; you use like a trash bin icon and that of coarse takes you to the files you deleted. An so on, like for all the icons you see, like a computer icon shows your harddrives, media drives and so on.

Now one of my favorite GUI's is kde, its totally opensource and free with makes a big plus in my book. If you have good programing skills you can make the whole gnome gui look how you what it to look, but be warned programing can be vary tuff at times (which I am still learning the hard way).

If your running linux or unix, download a copy and see for yourself. There are many others out there, so download the one that personally fits yours. To Download
"Gnome or KDE":

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