Wednesday, December 20, 2006

BSD = Berkley Software Distrobution

Talking with our tech specialist about BSD?s and how it sums up to the normal everyday user.

Sheri asks:
What is bsd's?

Geovolt replies:
A form of unix, like linux. But it is it?s own thing I guess you could say.

Sheri asks:
what does bsd stand for?

Geovolt replies:
Berkley Software Distribution
There are a few different flavors of it.
Like freebsd, openbsd and netbsd for starters.
Freebsd and openbsd being my favorites.

Sheri asks:
Why not netbsd?

Geovolt replies:
Its nice and all, just really didn't fit for me (at the time it is, probably made some changes since then)

Sheri asks:
Ok what does freebsd offer that u like?

Geovolt replies:
Well let me start off by saying some of the bsd's can be a challenge to get configured

Sheri asks:
What is challenging about it?

Geovolt replies:
But freebsd is one of the easiest to get configured and its easier to use, that?s why I perfer that for desktops

Sheri asks:
and laptops as well?

Geovolt replies:
plus freebsd is coming a lot with hardware support

Sheri asks:
And how does these compare to windows?

Geovolt replies:
Well like linux, it?s all around more stable than windows.
Plus the basis for it linux and bsds started in the 60's

Sheri asks:
How is it with support to software on freebsd?

Geovolt replies:
But freebsd is good about having more software support

Sheri asks:
How come linux, unix, bsd's not as well known as windows?

Geovolt replies:
Well as a credit with windows with good marking and windows can be easier to configure, but linux and bsds and other unix os's are catching up

Sheri asks:
How does BSD's compare to linux or unix?

Geovolt replies:
Well for the most part is portability, stability and with most of them being open source, you can configure to what you need

Sheri asks:
When u talk of configuring it ... what is all involved doing it?

Geovolt replies:
Well take for instance, your desktop, with windows.
They have a gui (graphical user interface) its already preconfigured to start up at boot.

Sheri asks:
So what is there to configure?

Geovolt replies:
Basically having it work to where it fits your needs, an with linux and bsd's you have more freedom

Sheri asks:
Ok lets say your a person that does alot of gaming.....what would need to be configured?

Geovolt replies:
Well its kind of hard to find off the shelf games for bsd's, but sometimes you can use a windows emulator like wine to install them and use it

Sheri asks:
What is an emulator?

Geovolt replies:
Like say wine, basically you can run some windows programs on other os's like bsd and linux

Sheri asks:
So what i am hearing is that an emulator is just another part of the windows programming that will let a person use certain software?

Geovolt replies:
Well its its mostly used in other os's, that can run windows programs

Sheri asks:
Wine is just a program that lets you use window based games or programs in another os such as linux or unix or bsd's?

Geovolt replies:

Sheri asks:
Correct me if i am wrong...i believe you are running linux...what do u see in bsd's that would make u want to change

Geovolt replies:
Yes actually freebsd is really leading the way in desktops because they are starting to be easier to configure and really coming along in wireless
if I could get it to play dvds, wireless and burnin software, I would consider it

Sheri asks:
So are u still working on that part or does it just not give u the option to do those things?

Geovolt replies:
It?s coming a long on it, by itself

Sheri asks:
So your still trying to figure out that part of freebsd?

Geovolt replies:
Yes, it can be done, just more or less relearning it myself

Sheri asks:
So all that is available thru freebsd and your just trying to relearn it all?

Geovolt replies:
Well a lot of it came back to me, but some stuff I am trying to figure out is like does it need repositories (that?s the main thing)

Sheri asks:
What do u mean by repositories?

Geovolt replies:
Well with linux you need something called repositories to (most of them are updates and bug fixes)

Sheri asks:
Would you recommend this to someone that is just setting up to use a computer for the first time or for them to get the jest of things with windows first?

Geovolt replies:
Well they are getting easier to set up, but it can most people are so use to windows and have trouble understanding the configuration process

Sheri asks:
So what I am hearing is that if your a person that has never used a computer that this would be a good one to start out on versus windows...since we all know windows is growing all the time and costing each time that Microsoft comes out with a new version of windows

Geovolt replies:
Yes. Especially with cost
and it has common bonds with linux

Sheri asks:
If you yourself could build a computer for a first time user...this is what u would try to convince them in using?

Geovolt replies:
Yes that or linux

Sheri asks:
Would a new user have to be taught to use it or is it pretty much self-explanatory

Geovolt replies:
Well to a point it would help to be taught some.
Especially if your a first time user

Sheri asks:
I must agree that most even now days with the new windows most need some kind of tutorial or lessons in the use of them.
Most windows newer versions all come with a tutorial....does freebsd do the same?

Geovolt replies:
No, but you can find tutorials and forums all over the net, which a few of them I visit regularly

Sheri asks:
so if a person is using a computer for the first time and has this as their os.....they will need lessons from a live person? as this type of person has never gotten on the net before and has to have that explained too.

Geovolt replies:
Well I need to make a correction, some with tutorials, but sometimes you can more detailed help from a forum and so on

Sheri says:
I see

Geovolt replies:
One thing I recommend is going the forums and so on, so you can have an idea on what your getting into

Sheri asks:
What else about freebsd do u like and would recommend about it for another user to try it out?

Geovolt replies:
Well its stability for one thing, plus being virus free and low security issues are just some of the reasons

Sheri asks:
But isn?t any os subject to getting virus's?

Geovolt replies:
yea but linux and bsd actually do it better then some os's

Sheri asks:
What do u mean by low security issues vs other os's

Geovolt replies:
At lot of os's have less security issues then some os's

Sheri says:
Explain please

Geovolt replies:
Some open source os's take care a lot of that right out of the box

Sheri asks:
Can anyone get this? Is it truly free or is there some kind of hidden costs?

Geovolt replies:
Some have free versions, like I use mandriva linux, there is a free version or a pay version, and with the pay version you get some more programs and some tutorials

Sheri asks:
So if I bought say a digital camera and it comes with the cd for that camera......will it work on these as well?

Geovolt replies:
Well with any os, you may have to find drivers and other software for it

Sheri asks:
But that leads back to configuring your hardware to these types of os's? Correct?

Geovolt replies:

Sheri asks:
If you could...what would u have your viewers know about bsd's more?

Geovolt replies:
BSD is another open source choice that is worth checking out.
That sometimes older hardware can be used by bsd too

Sheri asks:
So if you had an old dot matrix printer that is no longer supported by most windows unless u go back to 95se or older that these can support them?

Geovolt replies:
Some can, but on the same token newer hardware can be supported too

Sheri asks:
What do you find easier about these types of os's versus any of the windows products?

Geovolt replies:
That they can be easier to learn.
Because the gui is making it easier to get a base started

Sheri asks:
So what i am hearing is that windows has gotten so confusing but linux, unix, or bsd's kept it simple?

Geovolt replies:
Well all can be confusing sometimes, but once you get it configured most of the time its run and go

Sheri asks:
So does a person need to go to a techie to get it configured to what they want or is it simple enough for the most novice can figure it out themselves?

Geovolt replies:
The only thing that people may get confused on is the repositories.
Well the process isn't hard its just sometimes it can be a little hard to follow

Sheri asks:
So if there was a way to make it easier for a person how would u go about it?

Geovolt replies:
Well make the tutorials a little easier to follow.
That one is the big thing

Sheri asks:
ok last thing.....what sites do u recommend for more information about bsd's?

Geovolt replies: and even some linux forums like

Another site found for information:

Sheri says:
Would like to thank Geovolt for his input about BSD?s, and any more questions you have for him, please feel free to reply right here to him.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

*Date Line Scams*

Be very aware of these types of scammers. We all have heard of the buy get rich
scams, and the scams that I will send cashier check or money order for over the
amount and give rest of the amount to the shipper, but this one is very new to
their types of scams. They set themselves up on some dating service online and
you scroll thru them and find the one you like and contact them. OR you have
your information on there and they contact you. Once they have established a
contact with you by email, they talk you into talking to them via instant
messages (IM). Well the first times of talking in your IM is introducing
themselves. Seems innocent enough. (But no one ever thinks to save all info to
archives or anything.) Next thing happens is the person thinks they are in love
with you. And tries to convince you are in love with them as well. Then there is
some relative that is sick and needs some medical attention and they are in a
bad way of money. Now they didn?t ask you out right but wonders if there is any
way that you can help them. (Very old scam before Internet). Now that this has
passed and things seem to be getting better for the relative it gets more
intense with the ?I Love You?s?. Now they talk of how wonderful it would be if
you and them was to get married and that you are the perfect match for them.
They talk of moving to where ever you are or in that area. They talk of getting
a job in your area and will help with bills until you both are married. Then out
of the blue the have something that was left to them by a passing of a relative
but will need some kind of document to get it to the point they can turn it over
to cash and that you will live happily ever after. Now they are looking for
money from you that is way out there. Not just a few hundreds of dollars but
lots more. By now you are feeling comfortable with them and them with you and
you start giving out information about your worth or your job or how much money
you make. Now they ask for a specific amount and need it right away to start a
new life with you. Who would ever expect this to happen to them?

Also most times these people come from another country and do not have proper
English. Now that doesn?t mean they are right here in the states or not. But
most times its coming from Nigeria or near there. Such, as Ghana Africa as well.

I write this cause all this came about for my son. When he realized what I was
saying about things he finally woke up that it was all a scam. It was hard for
him to call it off, but he did.

What really has irritated me is that I looked all over different places on the
net about this type of scam and none of them has a site for this type of
scammer. But what I did find out is that you have to have plenty of
documentation for any kind of law enforcement to act on it. Even though you can
save your IM?s doesn?t mean you cant alter them to suit yourself and will be
questioned every time. So all I want to do right now is get this message out to
everyone and please, please be very aware of whom you give out your information to.

Don?t take love for granted until you have met them and know them very, very
well. Love does not happen over night by online talking. It takes time to get to
know a person that you are talking to online. Get to know them and decide of a
halfway point and go meet them. Then if all goes well after several encounters
with the person them, then take it to the next level. No one knows each other
until they have talked for months, even years online. There is nothing wrong in
talking about yourself online as long as you don?t give out financial stability.
And above all do not give personal information, like your social security
number, or where your job is located or how much you make per hour, per month,
or year. Above all, get to know whom you are talking to first. Get very
acquainted with them first.

Online love takes time and lots of encounters with each other to know if you
both are suited for each other. Love is a very precious thing and must be
treated as so. To many now days take it for granted and walk all over it. Just
plan take your time if you are going to do online dating. Everyone has someone
out there waiting for him or her. We all need someone to love and to love us
back. Make sure that your compatible and at least have some things in common
with each other.

Thank you for reading this article. By all means and with my permission, copy
this and send to your friends that may find themselves in such a dilemma.

Sys Over Rider

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Looking for Mac Users

Needing someone to contact me that knows the ins and outs of a mac. Someone that has the knowledge of mac and its technical side of things. Please contact me and lets talk. My email is:..... please put "geovolts tech blog" in the subject line

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bring back the CB?s?

By Sys Over Rider

Well it used to be my biggest hobby sitting on a CB and talk for hours on end to people all around the world.

CB?s became a fade of the 70?s when all the highways were lowered to 55 mph. They were used mostly for over the road and avoiding speed traps. Then later it became a fade that some had to have them in the homes too.

A lot of the younger generations don?t know much about them. Cell phones took over where the CB?s left off. You will still find many truckers using them to this day.

CB?s were found in most cars and trucks and all kinds of businesses. The cost of a CB could vary depending on what u wanted it to do for you. CB?s was the way to avoid phone bills. Businesses used them to keep in contact with managers, employees and much more. To this very day my vet uses it as many farmers can?t get cell phones to work in many dead spots that still do exist. It?s nothing to run back to the truck or a base station and call for help and get it faster sometimes than running around trying to get a line thru to them.

I am writing this to open back up some old memories and to help others gain the best out of a CB vs. cell phones. The things a CB can do for u are much more than just chat with. In businesses and farming communities these things are still a way to help or to get a message to someone.

There is a wide variety of different kinds of CB radios and antennas. And if any of you have owned one you know what I?m talking about. But the end results are you got to someone that would pass on the message and/or get help to you.

Personally I would rely on a CB before I would a cell phone but then again I live in a wooded area and dead spots all around me. I know there are some of you in the same shape.

I will be going over things as how to peak out your radio for max output and how about those more quiet channels called upper and lower side bands? Oh yes we will discuss those too. Would you like to know more about extra channels as well? That only the 10-meter bands have access to? Yes you can have them added to your CB as well. But most of what I tell you is at your own risk that you do any of them. Some of what you can do to a CB is not up to FCC codes. We will be discussing different types of antennas as well.

Is it worth your interests to go any further? Please let us know. Would like all input on your ideas and experiences. So join me in this wide endeavor.

Monday, April 10, 2006

More On Linux
By Old Toker

** Nutshell Disclaimer, This information is intended to be presented in a ?NUTSHELL? fashion it is kept strictly free of long drawn out ?techno babble? sessions. So as not to bore the reader :) If I have failed to adequately explain something or have explained it wrong. please feel free to respond to me.. As always There are BETTER ways of doing things and simpler way's of doing things.. I make no statement here as what I say is the definitive way of doing things. if you have a better way to do something please feel free to add to this discussion.**

Welcome back & to more about Linux.

governments making the switch to Linux?
Try making that search in Google, you will find that there are several governments that are making that switch? Why is that you might be asking and mostly it's due to the restrictive nature of Microsoft's Licensing or their (E.U.L.A. : End User License Agreement ) If you really want to scare your self, try actually reading M$'s E.U.L.A. this is a document that basically absolves Microsoft from all damage to you / your company / your computer / your relationship / if your dog pukes on the carpet after you install / or WWIII ensues after your completion of it's install :)

Most companies will phase out the older distributions of Linux and switch to the newer ones this for them will not create much of a problem as they have IT departments that are responsible for ensuring that any change over will go as smooth as possible, but for the average user we have to ensure that by switching especially with older hardware that we are not bogging down the system to the point of un-useability, It then falls on us to do a little research and reading to find out what will work and what wouldn't be a good choice. ( Ever notice how Windows does this too.. Each successive version of windows has made greater and greater requirements on your computer and it's hardware? )
some sites,, Or visit any of the various Linux discussion forums and someone there might even be able to point you in the right direction or even point you to a different operating system (OS) For your needs.

On to Partitions... We all have partitions weather you realize it or not, think of a partition as taking a pie and cutting it into slices. Each peace becomes independent of the whole. and therefore has it's own properties and abilities. ( You probably never thought about pie having abilities. but HEY it's the best I could do at the moment :) hahaha ) at any rate each of these pieces can be formatted to hold and use different Operating systems ( OS's ) each different OS requires a different type of file system Eg; FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS or any of the various Linux file systems. I am not going to expound on the various file systems I only mention them here so that ppl have a basic understanding of what is meant by File System.

On To User Accounts:

We all may or may not have heard of the term ?User Account? in windows there's 2 accounts that are made when we are done installing the system the ?Guest account? and an ?Administrator Account? there is other accounts in Windows but most ppl only have these two.. It is beyond the scope of this to explain the different abilities of each account I only intend to help ppl to make the connection between Windows way of doing things and the Linux way of doing things.

In the Windows World ( WW ) we have as previously mentioned two accounts ?guest? and ?Administrator? in the Linux world ( LW ) we also have 2 accounts.. or as many as is needed but again beyond the scope of what I am trying to accomplish here :)

In WW the Administrator account is pretty self explanatory administrator's are able to make changes to the system install / software, remove software. all without prompting the person behind the keyboard for a password because they are logged in as Administrator... In the LW the ( ROOT user or SU ) *super user * are able to do these same things... The fundamental difference between the WW way of doing things and the LW way of doing things is that in Windows you are almost always logged in as administrator there for installing software is for you an easy and painless way of doing things this however comes with a ?HEFTY PRICE? and that PRICE is SECURITY. This is how Spy ware, Viruses and Trojan horses can make their way on to the system as windows in administrator mode will not make any concerns as to weather or not the user actually wants this software on the system or not. But in the LW Linux Kinda forces you to make a normal user account this account can use the system and most of the hardware and most of the software installed on the system these abilities can be more liberal or strict depending on the rules and guidelines setup by the Administrator of that computer. * Note this is also possible in the WW it's just not as widely used.* In the LW a normal user doesn't have the ability to install ?SYSTEM WIDE? software as this requires the approval of the administrator. You will also need the root password to install & make this program run. Thus you have security, and only you can say when this program is able to be installed because you have the password to the system.

A good idea is to establish a user account for yourself as well even though you may be the root to your system. Say you wanted to install a game?. you would need the root password to let it install on your system. Most program just need it during the install process, but some require the root pass every time but that is rare with some distributions or versions of Linux.

Well I hope this sheds more light on Linux for you. We welcome all ideas and information to this subject. So don?t hesitate to reply. And also if you have other ideas to what you would like to see here, please share or ask. We are here to help in your research and any ideas you would like to see.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Interface into OnStar's GPS

The OnStar System is becoming more and more common as GM installs it by default in many of their vehicles. At the heart of this system is a GPS receiver, manufactured by Motorola, called the Oncore. Once you make a serial connection to this Oncore GPS, you can recieve real-time positioning information on your Laptop or PDA - In either Motorola's proprietary (but well documented) format, or in standard NMEA format.
In order to do this, you will need the following items:
A vehicle with OnStar
RS232-to-TTL Serial Level Converter
· Torx T-10 (star shaped) screwdriver/bit
· Solder Iron/Solder
· Screwdriver/Wire Stripper/Pliers, etc.
Want to know more? Request the URL to the information and I will email it to you.

By Sys Over Rider

more information can be found at:

Electronic, Technology, and Hackers....put together make a wonderful open source of information for all.

Electronics are everywhere. And everywhere you look you see technology. Technology drives pretty much everything now days. ?Hackers? can show you how to take advantage of these electronic devices. Show you how to make them faster, give them added features, or make them do things that was never thought of before.

We are not ?crackers?! We just simply are hackers of an inquisitive nature. We learn how things work only and then simply try to make them better than they are. This is what makes us ?hackers? and not ?crackers?. ?Crackers? are people that simply want to see what destruction they can cause for other people. They are the ones that give us the bad name. ?Hackers? do not support unauthorized access into systems, emails or anything of that sort. ?Hackers? are simply known for what they can do with things and make them better for all to enjoy.

So please do not contact me for information of these sort of things. But if you are looking to find out what makes something tick; then yes contact me and lets work together on it.

I also believe in open sources. This is to share all I know with those that want to know. And if you have things of this sort, please share with us as well. The more we all know together the more we all gain of its nature. The world is full of open resources if we all just knew where to


From Sys Over Rider

More information can be found on:

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Email Change:

The new email will be:

Friday, February 24, 2006

New Age Bullying

It's a sad fact that there have always been bully's and there probably always will be. It seems there is always a person or group who think of themselves as being superior over another, even in an equal race situation.

Baby Boomers and children of baby boomers, as children moslty found their bullies on the school playground, or in the school lunch room, perhaps the school bathroom. Even then, it was a scarey prediciment to be in. Not knowing where they (they bullies) will turn up next. It didn't take long for us to realise that there was strength in numbers, and anyone who was being bullied, if they had the chance, would hang out in a larger group of kids, hoping for protection.

There always seemed to be that one person who always got bullied or picked on. Maybe the smartest boy, who didn't push his weight around. Maybe it was the girl who constantly wore pig tails and had big funny glasses. They were the loners. The person who maybe had one friend to hang out with, or the person that just preferred to do things on their own. They were different and therefor a prime target for the *school bullies*. Come on, we can all admit as adults that we were once bullied, or maybe we were even the bully himself!! Thankfully those days are over now....but....are they?

Being a parent, means you will have to face and challenge many things with your child. Your child may not be able to bring home high grades, so tutoring your child might be your challenge. Perhaps your child is physycally challenged, or mentally challenged. Maybe your child is of a different race than most at school. Perhaps your child is the loner. All of these challenges plus so many more, make your child a prime target for being bullied. It's the sad truth.

Bullying Goes Beyond the School Yard these days.........

It use to be, you got a rough time at school, and then you ran your hardest all the way home after school, did your homework, ate dinner, watched tv...then went to bed absolutely dreading the next day. In today's times, that kind of bullying almost seems like a piece of cake. As parents we need to take a look at the mediums we are offering bullys to get through to our kids. We have the phone, home phone and cell phones. We have cell phones with text messaging and email. We have the home PC, and we have the laptops. All these things we give our children in hopes to make their lives more pleasureable, when in fact, they are doing the exact opposite.

No longer can you escape the school yard bully for 15 or so hours before returning to the dreaded place. Oh no!! Now the bully can get your child's email address from a school freind or even the School's Student Contact Card. So the bullying does not stop at 3:00 PM it can go around the clock with nasty emails sent to your child, by probably more than one person. If your child has a cell phone, chances are they are recieving email and text messages from the bully there as well, or worse they are calling your child.

But what can you do.............

In today's society the line of communiction is very wide open. Except where it needs to be most, the communication between the child and the parent. We can't just hand them a cell phone and expect to be in constant communication with the child all the time. It needs to come from a place deeper than that. Parents need to turn off the cell phones, the pc's the laptops for awhile, and sit down and talk to their kids about issues like this, because it is very very real. Kids need to know they can tell an adult and have faith the adult will help them.

So...what happens to the bully .......

If your child has the nerve to stand up to the bully, in my experience, the bully will stop harassing, because your child is no longer a challenge.

School boards, Teachers and Principals need to be aware of the situation, and if it extends into the e-world as well as the school grounds.

Talk to Police if need be. **DO SOMETHING**

In my Canadian Province, our Captiol City is introducing a new *Bully Fine* A fine of $250.00 will be handed down to any kid being found guilty of bullying. I assume the money would be the parents responsibility, so then what has the bully really learned? Do we know what goes on behind closed doors at the bully's home, how will the parents react to the child if they have to shell out $250.00 because their kid was acting out? Lots and Lots of consequences will arise from this form of punishment..... and my question is where will this fine money go??? I like to think it's going to go into a follow up program to try and help the person that is bullying, because in my opinion the BULLY is the one that REALLY needs the help.

These are my opinions, I am a Mom of a girl that was bullied her first 10 years of school, it's NOT nice!


Open Letter From Geovolt:
This has some to do with technology, but this is a importaint issue that needs to be addressed. I think we all need to take some time out and talk to your kids, for any kind of bullying.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I found this information that I thought all should be aware of and get the updates as you needed them. Some of these sound important enough to make one wonder how far crackers will go to get into your system. I have corrected one word in here that is not quite true as hackers are not the bad guy but crackers are.

This info also includes links back to the information its referring to as well.

Sheri Robinson

MS Patch Tuesday: February 2006 February 14, 2006 NEWS
By Pedro Hernandez

Microsoft patches seven vulnerabilities this month, one of which bears an uncanny resemblance to last month's big security scare.

1. This month, the company is patching another Critical WMF vulnerability in IE (MS06-004) affecting its graphics rendering engine. The flaw, like its cousin, could make it possible for a system to get cracked if exploited.

2. The company is also releasing a fix for various versions of Windows Media Player (6.4 through 10 depending on OS) (MS06-005) that carries a Critical rating. Also capable of giving a cracker access to the system if exploited, the vulnerability is triggered when the media player processes a "certain" file, in this case a .bmp (bitmap) with embedded malicious code.

3. Another WMP-related fix (MS06-006) addresses vulnerability when the player is invoked as a plug-in for non-IE browsers. A malicious site using a deviously coded EMBED element in its code could compromise a visitor's system if not patched. This flaw is rated Important.

4. Also in the important column are fixes to the Windows Web Client Service (MS06-008) and the Korean Input Method Editor in both Windows and Office (MS06-009), both of which can lead to remote access by an attacker.

5. Another vulnerability in the Windows implementation of IGMP v3 (Internet Group Management Protocol) (MS06-007), also rated important, could make it possible for a denial of service scenario. Essentially, if Windows XP and 2003 encounter a bad IGMP packet, the system could quit responding.

6. Lastly, PowerPoint 2000 gets some attention in the form of an update (MS06-010) that prevents the presentation software from disclosing information stored in the Temporary Internet Files Folder to remote attackers.

7. Not to be left out, the Malicious Software Removal Tool receives new malware signatures this month. Detection has been added for Alcan, Badtrans, Eyeveg, and Magistr families of worms and viruses.

Next month's updates are scheduled for March 14, 2006.

In related security news, Microsoft has released Windows Defender Beta 2. According to the FAQ, the software features not only an improved UI, but also Automatic Updates support and enhanced detection and removal capabilities. Also new to this version is system-wide protection across all user accounts. Now, the software runs for all users beyond administrator accounts.

What is a honeypot?

I asked a tech what a honeypot is and I got immediately confused. As we talked I got the scoop on it for you all.

Example is if you have 2 systems networked together and u have this program on your system, it will put up false fronts of more systems that really are not there. The reason behind this is to capture hackers IP?s and stop them dead in their tracks.

A hacker will think he is in your system to get the information he wants and he really is not in your system but in a false one and now you have his IP info and send it to security and he is a goner.

This is a good program to have if you have a business you want to protect all the information in you system. Worth having, in my opinon.

Good luck.

Sheri Robinson

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Basic Linux System Commands

Function Name Discription Source
1 exit terminate the current process kernel/exit.c
2 fork create a child process arch/i386/kernel/process.c
3 read read from a file descriptor fs/read_write.c
4 write write to a file descriptor fs/read_write.c
5 open open a file or device fs/open.c
6 close close a file descriptor fs/open.c
7 waitpid wait for process termination kernel/exit.c
8 creat create a file or device ("man 2 open" for information) fs/open.c
9 link make a new name for a file fs/namei.c
10 unlink delete a name and possibly the file it refers to fs/namei.c
11 execve execute program arch/i386/kernel/process.c
12 chdir change working directory fs/open.c
13 time get time in seconds kernel/time.c
14 mknod create a special or ordinary file fs/namei.c
15 chmod change permissions of a file fs/open.c
16 lchown change ownership of a file fs/open.c
18 stat get file status fs/open.c
19 lseek reposition read/write file offset fs/read_write.c
20 getpid get process identification kernel/sched.c
21 mount mount filesystems fs/super.c
22 umount unmount filesystems fs/super.c
23 setuid set real user ID kernel/sys.c
24 getuid get real user ID kernel/sched.c
25 stime set system time and date kernel/time.c
26 ptrace allows a parent process to control the execution of a child process arch/i386/kernel/ptrace.c
27 alarm set an alarm clock for delivery of a signal kernel/sched.c
28 fstat get file status fs/stat.c
29 pause suspend process until signal arch/i386/kernel/sys_i386.c
29 pause suspend process until signal arch/i386/kernel/sys_i386.c
30 utime set file access and modification times fs/open.c
33 access check user's permissions for a file fs/open.c
34 nice change process priority kernel/sched.c
36 sync update the super block fs/buffer.c
37 kill send signal to a process kernel/signal.c
38 rename change the name or location of a file fs/namei.c
39 mkdir create a directory fs/namei.c
40 rmdir remove a directory fs/namei.c
41 dup duplicate an open file descriptor fs/fcntl.c
42 pipe create an interprocess channel arch/i386/kernel/sys_i386.c
43 times get process times kernel/sys.c
45 brk change the amount of space allocated for the calling process's data segment mm/mmap.c
46 setgid set real group ID kernel/sys.c
47 getgid get real group ID kernel/sched.c
48 sys_signal ANSI C signal handling kernel/signal.c
49 geteuid get effective user ID kernel/sched.c
50 getegid get effective group ID kernel/sched.c
51 acct enable or disable process accounting kernel/acct.c
52 umount2 unmount a file system fs/super.c
54 ioctl control device fs/ioctl.c
55 fcntl file control fs/fcntl.c
56 mpx (unimplemented)
57 setpgid set process group ID kernel/sys.c
58 ulimit (unimplemented)
59 olduname obsolete uname system call arch/i386/kernel/sys_i386.c
60 umask set file creation mask kernel/sys.c
61 chroot change root directory fs/open.c
62 ustat get file system statistics fs/super.c
63 dup2 duplicate a file descriptor fs/fcntl.c
64 getppid get parent process ID kernel/sched.c
65 getpgrp get the process group ID kernel/sys.c
66 setsid creates a session and sets the process group ID kernel/sys.c
67 sigaction POSIX signal handling functions arch/i386/kernel/signal.c
68 sgetmask ANSI C signal handling kernel/signal.c
69 ssetmask ANSI C signal handling kernel/signal.c
70 setreuid set real and effective user IDs kernel/sys.c
71 setregid set real and effective group IDs kernel/sys.c
72 sigsuspend install a signal mask and suspend caller until signal arch/i386/kernel/signal.c
73 sigpending examine signals that are blocked and pending kernel/signal.c
74 sethostname set hostname kernel/sys.c
75 setrlimit set maximum system resource consumption kernel/sys.c
76 getrlimit get maximum system resource consumption kernel/sys.c
77 getrusage get maximum system resource consumption kernel/sys.c
78 gettimeofday get the date and time kernel/time.c
79 settimeofday set the date and time kernel/time.c
80 getgroups get list of supplementary group IDs kernel/sys.c
81 setgroups set list of supplementary group IDs kernel/sys.c
82 old_select sync. I/O multiplexing arch/i386/kernel/sys_i386.c
83 symlink make a symbolic link to a file fs/namei.c
84 lstat get file status fs/stat.c
85 readlink read the contents of a symbolic link fs/stat.c
86 uselib select shared library fs/exec.c
87 swapon start swapping to file/device mm/swapfile.c
88 reboot reboot or enable/disable Ctrl-Alt -Del kernel/sys.c
89 old_readdir read directory entry fs/readdir.c
90 old_mmap map pages of memory arch/i386/kernel/sys_i386.c
91 munmap unmap pages of memory mm/mmap.c
92 truncate set a file to a specified length fs/open.c
93 ftruncate set a file to a specified length fs/open.c
94 fchmod change access permission mode of file fs/open.c
95 fchown change owner and group of a file fs/open.c
96 getpriority get program scheduling priority kernel/sys.c
97 setpriority set program scheduling priority kernel/sys.c
98 profil execute ion time profile
99 statfs get file system statistics fs/open.c
100 fstatfs get file system statistics fs/open.c
101 ioperm set port input/output permissions arch/i386/kernel/ioport.c
102 socketcall socket system calls net/so cket.c
103 syslog read and/or clear kernel message ring buffer kernel/printk.c
104 setitimer set value of interval timer kernel/itimer.c
105 getitimer get value of interval timer kernel/itimer.c
106 sys_newstat get file status fs/stat.c
107 sys_newlstat get file status fs/stat.c
108 sys_newfstat get file status fs/stat.c
109 olduname get name and information about current kernel arch/i386/kernel/sys_i386.c
110 iopl change I/O privilege level arch/i386/kernel/ioport.c
111 vhangup virtually hang-up the current tty fs/open.c
112 idle make process 0 idle arch/i386/kernel/process.c
113 vm86old enter virtual 8086 mode arch/i386/kernel/vm86.c
114 wait4 wait for process termination, BSD style kernel/exit.c
115 swapoff stop swapping to file/device mm/swapfile.c
116 sysinfo returns information on overall system statistics kernel/info.c
117 ipc System V IPC system calls arch/i386/kernel/sys_i386.c
118 fsync synchronize a file's complete in-core state with that on disk fs/buffer.c
119 sigreturn return from signal handler and cleanup stack frame arch/i386/kernel/signal.c
120 clone create a child process arch/i386/kernel/process.c
121 setdomainname set domain name kernel/sys.c
122 uname get name and information about current kernel kernel/sys.c
123 modify_ldt get or set ldt arch/i386/kernel/ldt.c
124 adjtimex tune kernel clock kernel/time.c
125 mprotect set protection of memory mapping mm/mprotect.c
126 sigprocmask POSIX signal handling functions kernel/signal.c
127 create_module create a loadable module entry kernel/module.c
128 init_module initialize a loadable module entry kernel/module.c
129 delete_module delete a loadable module entry kernel/module.c
130 get_kernel_syms retrieve exported kernel and module symbols kernel/module.c
131 quotactl manipulate disk quotas fs/dquot.c
132 getpgid get process group ID kernel/sys.c
133 fchdir change working directory fs/open.c
134 bdflush start, flush, or tune buffer-dirty-flush daemon fs/buffer.c
135 sysfs get file system type information fs/super.c
136 personality set the process execution domain kernel/exec_domain.c
137 afs_syscall (unimplemented)
138 setfsuid set user identity used for file system checks kernel/sys.c
139 setfsgid set group identity used for file system checks kernel/sys.c
140 sys_llseek move extended read/write file pointer fs/read_write.c
141 getdents read directory entries fs/readdir.c
142 select sync. I/O multiplexing fs/select.c
143 flock apply or remove an advisory lock on an open file fs/locks.c
144 msync synchronize a file with a memory map mm/filemap.c
145 readv read data into multiple buffers fs/read_write.c
146 writev write data into multiple buffers fs/read_write.c
147 sys_getsid get process group ID of session leader kernel/sys.c
148 fdatasync synchronize a file's in-core data with that on disk fs/buffer.c
149 sysctl read/write system parameters kernel/sysctl.c
150 mlock lock pages in memory mm/mlock.c
151 munlock unlock pages in memory mm/mlock.c
152 mlockall disable paging for calling process mm/mlock.c
153 munlockall reenable paging for calling process mm/mlock.c
154 sched_setparam set scheduling parameters kernel/sched.c
155 sched_getparam get scheduling parameters kernel/sched.c
156 sched_setscheduler set scheduling algorithm parameters kernel/sched.c
157 sched_getscheduler get scheduling algorithm parameters kernel/sched.c
158 sched_yield yield the processor kernel/sched.c
159 sched_get_priority_max get max static priority range kernel/sched.c
160 sched_get_priority_min get min static priority range kernel/sched.c
161 sched_rr_get_inter val get the SCHED_RR interval for the named process kernel/sched.c
162 nanosleep pause execution for a specified time (nano seconds) kernel/sched.c
163 mremap re-map a virtual memory address mm/mremap.c
164 setresuid set real, effective and saved user or group ID kernel/sys.c
165 getresuid get real, effective and saved user or group ID kernel/sys.c
166 vm86 enter virtual 8086 mode arch/i386/kernel/vm86.c
167 query_module query the kernel for various bits pertain ing to modules kernel/module.c
168 poll wait for some event on a file descriptor fs/select.c
169 nfsservctl syscall interface to kernel nfs daemon fs/filesystems.c
170 setresgid set real, effective and saved user or group ID kernel/sys.c
171 getresgid get real, effective and saved user or group ID kernel/sys.c
172 prctl operations on a process kernel/sys.c
173 rt_sigreturn
174 rt_sigaction
175 rt_sigprocmask
176 rt_sigpending
177 rt_sigtimedwait
178 rt_sigqueueinfo
179 rt_sigsuspend
180 pread read from a file descriptor at a given offset fs/read_write.c
181 sys_pwrite write to a file descriptor at a given offset fs/read_write.c
182 chown change ownership of a file fs/open.c
183 getcwd Get current working directory fs/dcache.c
184 capget get process capabilities kernel/capability.c
185 capset set process capabilities kernel/capability.c
186 sigaltstack set/get signal stack context arch/i386/kernel/signal.c
187 sendfile transfer data between file descriptors mm/filemap.c
188 getpmsg (unimplemented)
189 putpmsg (unimplemented)
190 vfork create a child process and block parent arch/i386/kernel/process.c